Trans-Pacific Partnership Effects from the Viewpoint of US

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There has been a reception of the transpacific partnership with varying levels of enthusiasm by the different countries involved. The reaction depends on the perceived impacts of the association to the various segments of the economy of the different countries. From the United State’s point of view, there is great potential in the transpacific partnership regarding manufacturing activities. There are all indications that; with the implementation of the Trans Pacific Partnership, there is bound to be an extension of the manufacturing activities in a bid to satisfy the needs of the twelve signatory countries, (Mendoza, 2016). Following the expansion of the production activities, there is bound to be an increment of the wages to the workers. Increased production means increased profitability. Hence, high chances of raising the salaries of employees across all margins. In matters concerning tariffs, there is a forecast of reduction of the tariff and non-tariff barriers. Tariffs levels are bound to get low in the twelve countries signatories to the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The partnership seeks to create a platform whereby; there is the exercise of beneficial standards in the signatory countries. The United States, therefore, is bound to experience a highly beneficial environment of conducting business in the other signatory nations following the scrapping of the tariff barriers in the other countries, just as it will be in the United States. The spirit of the Trans-Pacific Partnership is to seek platform of a favorable economic environment for the mutual benefit of the twelve countries signatories, (Asci, Paggi & Yamazaki, 2016). In that spirit, there is bound to be

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