trans Atlantic trade.

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Name Course Institutional affiliation Introduction The Atlantic trade involved the transportation of people as slaves and commodities across the Atlantic Ocean. Majority of the people who were transported were Africans from central and western Africa. It existed from 16th to 19th centuries and the mainly used triangular trade route. The continents that were involved include Africa, Europe, and America. South Atlantic and Caribbean economies mainly depended on a secure supply of labor to help in the production of commodity crops and making of clothes for sale in Europe. The slaves were sold cheaply to America to work on tobacco, cocoa, cotton and coffee plantations. Some were taken to work on gold and silver mines while others as domestic servants. Trans-Atlantic trade began long before 1600, but it stabilized well and was at its maximum in the period 1600-1800. This was considered as the boom of the slave trade. In late 1700, the slave trade died down, and it was abolished. It made the trade to less famous as the primary commodity of the trade was no longer being sold. (Bailey, 2005) The commodities of the transatlantic trade were as follows, a ship from the United States to Africa was going to buy slaves. On its arrival, it would have a significant cargo of cotton, guns and brass materials. The enslaved Africans would be ferried to work in plantations in South America, North America, and the Caribbean. The major countries involved in the Trans-Atlantic trade included Europe countries such as Britain, Germany, Portugal, and Italy. They had industrialized and would transport their manufactured wares to Africa and America for Markets. African counties

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