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BENEFITS OF AN ELECTRONIC HEALTH CARE RECORD(EHR) Name Institution The video selected is called “Exporting / Importing Data from an Electronic Health Record ( EHR ) Software Using CCDA.” It is a demonstration of how a physician can import and export patient data into the Electronic Health Record (EHR) software Drchrono from another EHR software or source by using consolidated clinical document architecture (C-CDA) (Drchrono, 2014). The adoption of the EHR software into the healthcare industry is encouraged due to its many benefits which are evident in the video demonstration (Jamoom, Beatty, Bercovitz et al., 2012). The tutorial shows that through the use of the (C-CDA) a patient’s medical information can be downloaded as a clinical summary and through this, the medical information can then be shared with the patient or other physicians who might need to maintain the data (Drchrono, 2014). Sharing the information with the patient makes it possible for the patient together with family members to take part in managing the health decisions. The tutorial also shows how the patient's medical history is housed in the software database and how it is arranged in detail and hence makes it accurate. Because of this, the physicians will be able to gauge the patient’s health based on their medical history provided by the EHR, and they will be able to make “a quick and well-informed decision” on how to provide the patient with the best treatment. The primary objective of having EHRs in the healthcare industry is to be able to maintain patient healthcare information, which will help upgrade the standards of the care provided to patients. By having a system that

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