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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Training Systems Analysis The BFS is a program that focuses on the increase in all aspects of athletic performance. A trainee is assured of jumping higher, hitting harder, throwing faster, running faster, and being more explosive after completion of the program. Due to the combination of all these activities, the program may be fit for any athlete or sport as well as any gender. Another advantage of the program is that confusion is entirely avoided as the program operates by six training principles called the six absolutes. All trainers, therefore, use the same method when teaching. There is, however, a high risk of injury due to the combination of the three training aspects. According to the laws of training each person has his strengths and weaknesses which are supposed to be put into consideration. The program ignores this and assumes that all individuals are the same. The HIIT program involves the alternation of short intensive exercises with periods of slow easy activity. This means that there are short recovery times after intense activities. Studies show that the program is more effective in muscle maintenance and fat burning as compared to those that involve longer periods of lower intensity workouts. The major difference with traditional exercises is that one’s metabolism stays elevated for longer periods as calories continue being burnt even after finishing the exercise (Peterson, Murphy and Peterson 127). The program relies on various physiological mechanisms in weight reduction by lowering insulin resistance, increasing post-exercise fat oxidation, improving glucose tolerance, as well as decreasing

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