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Author’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: 8th December 2016 Stock Exchange Volatility & Trade Choice Strategies: Introduction The trade options derivative allows trader/investor to hedge upwards and downwards of the profit and loss index on return on capital investment. Speculators further always have a positive mind on their investment and anticipate for profits from the market leverage. This either gives investors profits or losses, in the long run, depending on their analysis on the option trade. The trade options walk through of sophisticated options in deriving the appropriate choice of investment. Derivative valuation, therefore, is an instrument whose variable depend on an underlying asset, index, or reference rate in a contractual agreement. The property underlying are referred to equity, forex, commodity where the financial derivative is forwards, swaps, options, and futures. The concept of forward contract is an agreed value of stock between the buyer and the seller of the underlying asset. One of the support agreements of a forward contract is the willingness of another of taking a reverse position. A future contract is standardized trade exchange with no counterparty risk and much of liquid. The standardization is on the quality and quantity of the underlying terms of the contract. The international trade policies across continents have different agreement on the stock exchange investment. The Chicago Board Options Exchange volatility index is constructed at a wide range of market risk referred to the investor fear gauge. The CBOE creates various market values of products whereby investors speculate the future expectation of the market

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