toxic leadership

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Narcissism and Toxic Leaders Name Institution Narcissism and Toxic Leaders Narcissism is a critical and significant part of toxic leadership paradigm. The defining features of narcissists include an impressive sense of self-importance and credible confidence in their intellectual ability and skills. Ironically, a great percentage of these attributes are encouraged in business organizations, just as much, as in some instances of the army, an aspect which may explain the existence of many narcissists in the army and management positions. As Doty & Fenlason explain, narcissists are motivated by an unceasing need to feed a grandiose self-conception (2013). The motivation can be characterized as a constant want for supplies, which may be seen as the relationships and activities that reinforce the grandiosity sense (Doty & Fenlason, 2013). This urge and need encourage a narcissist way of life towards being a restless person, often mirroring workaholic tendencies to reinforce the sense of achievement and grandeur continuously. Arguably, the narcissism sense is a killer and should have no place in the US Army, and it is no secret that leaders who care less about themselves and more about their subordinates are very lily to be more successful and build better synergy in their organizations. Indeed, it is usual to experience narcissistic traits in top management positions. One of the significant components of the leader’s orientation is the extent of intensity through which their narcissistic inclinations have been built. Aggression to any apparent rival coupled with fragility and self-esteem are the hallmarks of narcissism in context of leadership. Given the

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