Touro College Experience

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Touro College Experience Leadership has often felt like an inborn gift to me. My experience in Touro College has worked to my advantage in terms of bringing out some of the principles I knew less about. The experience I have gained in this institution has enabled me to redefine the true meaning of leadership. Touro has offered me the opportunity to develop as well as exhibit my leadership skills. The lessons taught in class, and the guidance has provided me with adequate exposure while reminding me of the numerous opportunities that exist. The internship experience has been simply invaluable in instilling unto me a sense of responsibility. Despite having the same core principles as schoolwork, the internship program has been different in the sense that it has provided me with the practical aspect of learning. It would be difficult to realize one’s potential if all the learning was restricted within the confines of a classroom. The internship program has sought to overcome such limitations. Touro College has proved to be different in the way it prepares students for leadership and other roles in the society. The institution has often emphasized student participation in key areas such as supervision and team building among other majors. However, this does not necessarily mean that every student has the potential to be a leader just by attending this institution. I personally believe that there are a few primary traits that mark a leader from the initial stage of schooling. While growing up, I have leant that I possess most of these skills. Importantly, through the interaction with most of my colleagues pursuing other courses, I have gained the motivation I needed to

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