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Human Resources Management Best Practices in Employee Termination Name Institution Best Practices in Employee Termination Case Study One –Lyle Jones Termination of employees is not an easy thing for both parties, and especially in unexpected circumstances. The human resource department together with departmental heads must work hand-in-hand to treat staff in a humane manner even at the point of departure (Kaufman, 2015). In Lyle Jones case, handling the matter was the HRD’s responsibility. Hiring and laying-off of staffs is the mandate of the human resources and they should have been called to handle it, at the least to avoid litigation. In as much as Lyle Jones was not an astute employee, the question is if his previous bad behavior was recorded, were warnings (oral and written) given to him, and was there a progression in his poor behavior to warrant immediate termination of his job. Secondly, whose mandate is in terminating employment of staffs at the King’s Company, and did the production supervisor (Guy Stone) act in a professional manner and in his capacity? In his capacity as production supervisor, Guy Stone overreacted and fired Mr. Jones when his emotions were high after the ‘shouting’ incidence, so most likely he was not objective and he did not take time to record the situation and forward the matter to his seniors before firing him. He also did not consider his employer’s reputation when reacting to the situation. Engaging in a shouting match at the shop floor portrayed his role in a bad light. In HR practice, hiring and firing are the mandates of HRD, hence the Lyle Jones case was their responsibility to gauge and judge the actions

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