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Author’s Name Professor Course Due Date Reconstruction and the Progressive Era in the US There were various social changes which occurred in the United States from Reconstruction to the Progressive Era. Some of these include extreme segregation, working conditions, social Darwinism, black codes as well as amendments in the education sector. The reconstruction era experienced great immigration of African American into the industrial cities. They were faced with extreme segregation and discrimination in their workplaces and schools. However, the progressive era witnessed ideal policies that were against the segregation and focused on equality of every citizen in America. Conversely, there were amendments in educational sector where African Americans had equal rights to access education just like the whites. Likewise, the need for equality during the progressive era made it possible for the industrial sectors to boost the working conditions of citizens. Additionally, political machine and international affairs were also some of the political changes that took place during Reconstruction and the Progressive Era. The advent of policy that allowed African American rights to vote boosted voter turnouts. Machine party politics, therefore, took roots in the US while taking advantage of mass voters who were majority comprised of African American. Conversely, Compromise of 1877 also marked the end of reconstruction where many states joined Democratic Party (Kamens 196-200). During this time the policies of the southern whites who discriminated and bridged the rights of the blacks came to an end. On the other hand, the Spanish American war ended with Cuban gaining

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