Topic: How does the current World Contingency Operation (War on Terror) adhere or diverge from previous conflicts? Is this really something new or a repeat of an older theme?

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Name Instructor Course Date The fight against terrorism the world today seems to diverge from previous conflicts. Many nations all over the world have teamed up, and combined ideas on how to deal with the problem of radicalism. There is universal agreement that not any given country that can be able to fight terrorism entirely alone. United nation is encouraging member countries to help each other in the fight against terrorism so as to preserve peace and security in the world. In the first and the Second World War countries grouped themselves along alliances and fought against each other (Crenshaw, 47). However in the fight against terrorism nations have set aside their political, economic and social differences with the aim of protecting themselves from terror. The United States, for instance, has been providing financial and technical assistance to African courtiers so as to fight terrorism. Moreover, it has sent its troops to countries such as Syria in the effort to promote peace and security (Elshtain, 71). Terrorism has acted as unifying factors to all countries in the world. Counties have also engaged their security forces in countries that are badly hit by terrorism, for instance, Somalia. Unity among countries for a common objective is a common theme among countries in the world. Previously countries have combined efforts to fight common challenges such as pollution and global economic depression. Additionally, countries have been encouraged to use peaceful methods in solving their differences. For example, all courtiers who are signatory to United Nations Chatter have vowed to use peaceful methods to settle their disputes. Thus the current unity in

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