Topdog/Underdog by Suzan Lori Park

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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Analysis of TopDog/UnderDog Actors Characters Lincoln is an experienced, honest and a changed man who wants a good life for himself and his brother. This is evident when he said, “I can’t be hustling no more bro …, It is an honest work” (Parks 27). On the other hand, his younger brother, Booth is a conman and a thief. He keeps on stealing from the local store outlets. In one instance of his arguments with his elder brother, Booth said, “theys stole from a big ass department store. That store takes in more money in one day than we will in our whole life. I stole, and I stole generously (Parks 32).” The Characters Needs Booth spends all his time in the play trying to bring Lincoln back to the three-card Monte con business. In one of his conversations with his brother he told him, “We could be a team man, Rake in the money” (Parks 24). Also, booth tried further to persuade his defiant elder brother by saying, “No one knows the cards like you Link, and with your moves …, we would be golden bro!” However, Lincoln having witnessed a friend shot and killed by one of their customers who lost from the Three Card Monte game, have made up his mind never to play that game again and so have decided to remain honest in his career. In addressing his younger brother, he said, “I ain’t going back to that bro, I ant going back (Parks 27)” The Main Conflict in the Book The main conflict is whether the two poor brothers should join forces and do the same work of playing Three Card Monte. According to Booth, their combination, and a few friends would give them a lot of money. However, Lincoln is against the plan,

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