Top Four Memorable Adventures in Europe

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Name: Class: Professor: Date: Memorable Adventures across the Europe Introduction The diversity of Europe cannot be matched by any continent when it comes to the pure convenience. Europe boasts of so many attractions in the form of beautiful cultures, iconic architectures, physical features, languages, historical landmarks, and scenic coastlines. Touring Europe with all of these varieties of attractive features can indeed be overwhelming; however, the best way to approach is to take it slow. Most of the European countries are offering historical landmarks by preserving the ancient world for the modern generation. In this paper, four different tourism destinations across the four European countries will be covered. These destinations include Paris in France, Munich in Germany, Venice in Italy, and Schaffhausen in Switzerland. Besides covering these four destinations, my experiences in these destinations will also be featured (Ryan 431). Paris, France Paris is not only the capital city of France but also the France's most popular city across the globe. Paris is located in area ofapproximately41 square miles. Besides, by the year 2013, Paris had a population of about 2,229,621. Paris is, without doubt, one of the famous and iconic cities across the globe. It is in the same category as other cities such as the Rome, NewYork, Barcelona, Las Vegas, London, and Washington DC. It is one of the most famous attraction sites across Europe. Some of the attraction sites that are found in Paris include the iconic Eiffel Tower, the Champse-Elysees, and the Louvre (Pearce 457). Though there are other attraction sites within the Paris, these three are the most famous ones and

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