Tonga Room

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Tonga Room Tonga Room is one of the most charming restaurants in the world that one could wish to spend their lives at! It is located on the Terrace Level of Fairmont San Francisco, the most relaxed place in America and the world! Since my childhood, after hearing a story about this place from one of my friends, Tonga has been my must-visit dream restaurant. On social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, when I saw the images of this place, I usually thought it was nothing but just a marketing strategy meant to attract clients. But, now that I am here; I can attest that this place is indeed lovely, in fact, more beautiful than it appears on those platforms. Firstly, the décor is just impressive, and the environment is calm and clean with fresh air meant to relax your mind and lower your stress levels. In fact, it is one of the most iconic San Francisco Institution with the most exciting entertainment team of dancers. Another intriguing factor about this place is the kind of music played! It is purely meant to spread peace amongst humanity and remind us that we are one or preferably are of the same ancestry! Also, the music matches the lighting systems, which have been perfectly designed by qualified and highly skilled engineers to change and match the alternating music tones! Indeed, it is one the unique piece of artwork that is directed at ensuring that guests are extremely entertained and relaxed when in this place. Also, the workers at Tonga Room are incredibly skilled, they are aware of our needs and are always ready to give us quality services. At all times they are prepared to

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