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Tone Company Student’s Name Institution 1. What problem does it address? Tone is an enterprise seeking to reduce the digital divide existing in the world today through mobile services development aimed at addressing unsustainability. 2. What social/environmental need does it fill? What solution does it offer? The organization seeks to fill a gap in which about four billion people worldwide are without internet connectivity. In this regard, Tone, through a variety of partnerships, provides data plans at affordable costs. 3. Why is the solution scalable? Places such as African coasts, parts of South America and other Asian regions offer open opportunities for Tone to provide their mobile network packages. This is an undertaking that would characterize enterprise growth and development beyond a single place, like Indonesia, to the world. 4. Explain the market dynamic In a bid to enhance communication, navigation, and even record keeping, Tone has partnered with various NGOs and corporations such as Clinton Global Initiative and Tata Communication. The anticipated growth is monitored and through a policy of inclusivity executed progressively in a series of steps referred to as pillars of progress. In addition, the executive management brings together years of experience from fields such as CSR, strategic investments, and new product creations. 5. Extract of key financials The revenue projection for the next three years has been cast between 10 to 198 million dollars by the third year. This is in addition to a forecast of market revenues of nine countries including Indonesia, Kenya, India, and Nigeria. Indonesia is expected to rake in about

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