Tobacco in the early settlements of north america

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name History Date Tobacco in the Early Settlements of Northern America Introduction Tobacco is one of the most popular narcotics that is widely used by the world’s population. The narcotic was first discovered by the European explorers when they found that American natives from Canada to Brazil utilized it for medicinal value. Over the next centuries, the Europeans cultivated it in bulk and exported it to the rest of the globe where it was adopted by the rich and poor. Tobacco plantations in North America have been deeply connected with the transportation of slaves from the African continent, into the American continent through the great Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Tobacco in the Early Settlements of North America Accordingly, the first colonialist to cultivate and ship tobacco to England was John Rolfe, the husband of Pocahontas (Castillo 27). Soon, fellow colonialists saw the economic potentials of what was once the culture of the natives. Afterwards, the growth of Tobacco was then taken up with an enthusiastic challenge. Besides overproduction of tobacco exhausted the soils since the plant is a heavy nutrient feeder crop. Accordingly, the colonialists were compelled to look for additional land. Kennedy considers the state of Virginia as the child of tobacco. In the seventeenth century, the perfect methods of raising and curing the pungent tobacco plant had been fully established in Virginia. Over the period that followed the wave of tobacco rush swept across Virginia, as tobacco crops were planted in the streets of Jamestown. Consequently, the European colonialists, who initially hungered for food, turned their attention

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