Tobacco and Social Structure in Early Virginia

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Your name Professor’s name Course name Date of submission Tobacco and Social Structure in Early Virginia During the 17th century, an early English settler realized the efficiency of tobacco growing in Virginia. Insofar as farming had been considered non-lucrative, tobacco grown in Virginia managed to bring about profitable returns in England. At the time, most colonists resorted to tobacco growing because of its influence in Early Virginia. The crop, mainly grown in Chesapeake, a city situated in Virginia, was considered the staple of this region (Kulikoff 157-158). In addition to influencing their economic status, tobacco growing in Early Virginia also had a great impact on the region’s social structure. Due to its suitable environment, tobacco was grown in Virginia as a cash crop. They often sold these crops so as to generate profits and returns (Parish 141). Tobacco was used as a medium for these Virginians to acquire products that could not be farmed or planted. As seen, they mostly traded with English or Scottish folk. Tobacco was considered the most treasured product in the Northern parts of America, due to its lucrative nature. As its exports to Great Britain proved successful, it opened the avenue for these Virginians to deliver tobacco in Europe and its constituent regions (Kulikoff 157-158). In exploring tobacco growing in Virginia, it is essential to understand its influence on social and class structures. Fore mostly, it is salient that tobacco growing encouraged the institution of the slave trade. During the time, these Westerners captured Africans and sold them into slavery. In Virginia, they were forced to work in tobacco farms and

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