To Whom It May Concern

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To Whom It May Concern Having been informed that Miss Nicole would like to further her study in your prestigious university, I am more than pleased to write this letter in my capacity as the deputy director of the industry research center and her lecturer of xxx University to support her application. She first impressed me when she chose to do an assignment about the analysis of EKC in Fengyang in my urban economics class when most students opted to talk about the development of cities. This assignment showed her solid theoretical foundation and her strong analytic and logical thinking abilities. She even furthered her individual research to analyze a wider range of regions. She bravely and independently questioned the opinions of scholars on whether EKC indeed applies to China. Her analysis on specific economic models needed to accommodate specific conditions was more advanced than the analyses of nearly all the students I have taught in the last ten years or so. I feel that this strong innovative ability is a gift that all economic researchers would love to have. With this ability, she could easily and more efficiently acquire advanced knowledge in the subject in future. Impressed by her outstanding performance in individual research, I agreed to her request to help with my project on the 13th Five-Year Plan for economic circle traffic infrastructure of Hefei that started in March this year. I gave some background reading materials to her, and she read all of them in 2 days and summarized the project description in three pages. This move surprised me because I did not ask her to do the summary. During her involvement with my project, she collected information of

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