To what extent have European views about gender roles changed since 1750 and to what extent have they remained the same?

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Gradual Changes in Gender Roles Student’s Name University Affiliation Changes in Views of Gender Roles since 1750 in Europe The late eighteenth century witnessed the start of changes in the cultural set-up. This extended up to the early nineteenth century. The revolution resulted in the formation of ‘separate spheres.' It was as a result of various factors. One of them is the growth of the inspiration of the evangelical belief. It resulted in a rise of moral value in areas of female home life, religiosity, and virtues. At this time, a man’s life entailed working and was very public. On the other hand, women were required to remain at home. There was a high expectation for a woman’s behavior. This came as a result of a change in the concepts of the female anatomy. Previously, women were seen as just objects. They were also considered the weaker and less important gender which was supposed to be ruled by the males. Their role was to reproduce simply. Personality traits and their character gave them this position since they were considered negative. They could therefore not make it well no matter their efforts in improving their lives since they were not allowed to gain in such ways as business and education (Mason, 1988). Men always looked for a way to push them down and oppressed them. However, with the revolution, a difference was created in the way they were being tread. The belief that they were the most lustful was also fading away. They were therefore expected to be angels at home. The ones who failed to control their lust were criticized and considered as prostitutes. There were roles for men and women during this period were different regarding

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