To what degree does reason (WOK) and religion (AOK) shape society’s moral belief?

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Influence of Religion and Reason on Moral Belief Name of Student Institutional Affiliation Influence of Religion and Reason on Moral Belief The reason is regarded as the way in which people try to figure out what the world is and what it expects from them through the use of rationality, comparison, logic, experience and judgment. In short, reason is a way of knowing. On the other hand, religion is the belief in and the subsequent worship of a supernatural being or power. Religion provides people with an opportunity to learn about how different people react to different things as well as their different ways of thinking. Religion is, therefore, an area of knowledge. There has been great debate on the extent to which religion and reason affect an individual's as well as societal moral belief. Some people have argued that the two are complementary in moral belief and that the two if properly employed result to the society's morally accepted behavior. Others have argued that the two can have contentious propositions that lead to negative moral beliefs and behavior. Some recent philosophers who are logical positivists have argued that there is no domain of human existence or thought that is controlled by religion and that all important ideas and propositions are made through rational examination. This situation has left religious thinkers with a challenge to explain how religion affects moral belief. However, research has shown that religion and reason are complementary in the laying out of societal moral beliefs. This paper looks at to what extent each of the two affects the society's moral belief. It starts by outlining how religion shapes the opinion then later

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