To place federici in conversation with Scott Russell sanders essay by summarizing the main point of each

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Name Tutor Course Date Change in Concepts of Gender Federici and Scott Russell are authors who try to define gender based on the roles that cultures dictate for the two sexes. Culture describes gender and stipulates the roles of females and males. In the society, individuals are born as either a male or a female. However, the community environment instills patterns and responsibilities according to the society understanding of gender. Eventually, the individual grows and takes shape and a characteristic as the setting defines. The characteristics influence one's susceptibility to various health conditions and accessibility and usage of health services. In the culture where Russell grew up, men were taught to be ‘handy” meaning they had to work and sweat to feed their children. The men were marginal farmers, welders, steel workers, carpenters and other jobs that require people to work with their bodies (Russell N.p). They worked the whole day not considering the weather and had to wake up before light. They had no resting days since they would work during the weekends and evening on their places such as tilling gardens, fixing broken down cars and hammering houses that were too leaky. According to Russell, the hard work deformed the facial appearances of men, made their nails black, split their hands, scared their bodies and even lost fingers. Gender roles, therefore, affected men’s health and wellbeing. From Russell’s culture, men worked hard for their women and children; this was a duty as defined by the culture. Federici outlines the roles of women in their culture. She portrays them to be doing very hard work and essential duties. According to

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