To Eat Steak Or Not (Pt 1) Privilege Questionaire (Pt 2)

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Chapter 9, Part One: To Eat Steak or Not? Why was Park upset about the restaurant’s name, “Chink’s”? Park rendered that the restaurant’s name portrayed racism hence, she was upset about it. According to her, “Chink” is a word used to degrade individuals of Asian descent. Park was certain that “Chink’s” was especially racist toward Chinese folk. The silence surrounding the Asian community within the restaurant, also, accentuated Park’s anger and her sentiments about the evidence of blatant racial discrimination toward Asian folk (Gunning, 2010). Why were both Groh and Sherman upset at Park’s request? Groh and Sherman, just like Park, were also upset. They declined her request claiming that no one else has ever complained about the restaurant’s name. Groh assured Park that he did not practice racial discrimination, despite its prevalence in the society (Võ, 2004). In fact, Sherman was upset because her husband was teased and called “chink” because of his eyes. She was even more agitated telling Park about her husband’s loveable nature, before his demise. Selecting a number on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1= strongly disagree, and 10= strongly agree; indicate whether you believe that Groh should change his restaurant’s name. Provide an explanation of your ranking and decision. I pick number 1 because I do not concur with Park’s request of changing the restaurant’s name. Groh should maintain the name, “Chink’s” due to its admirable legacy within the community. If anything, affiliating the restaurant with a name of Chinese descent should showcase preference toward these individuals. I agree with Sherman’s conclusion

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