Title 5: Given access to the same facts, how is it possible that there can be disagreement between experts in a discipline? Develop your answer with reference to two areas of knowledge.

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Author’s Name Course Name Professor Name Date Other / Theory of Knowledge Human sciences focus on the study of the mind, social constructs and interactions, and human behavior. Within human sciences, there is an abundance of disciplines, theories, and frameworks that are designed to analyze and evaluate human behavior. The previous concepts provide a rationale for the different ways and contributing factors of knowing. More specifically two ways of knowing that are present in human sciences are language and memory. Language is a way of using verbal and non-verbal cues to communicate with others. A more in-depth definition of language is the ability to comprehend why people behave, interact, and retain information the way that they do (Ramaekers and Suissa, 356). One of the human science disciplines that language has been a continuous research topic is in the field of psychology. Psychology is classified and defined as the study of the mind, but within this discipline, there are several conflicting suppositions, concepts and notions. To take it a step forward developmental psychology combines conjectures and conceptions about language and couples them with behavior. Language and psychology provide an understanding of how children learn from the teachings of their parents. An example of language in developmental psychology is the teaching children about manners and proper etiquette. My mother taught me to keep my elbows off of the table and to clean any mess that I made after eating at the table. My caregiver gave me verbal instruction and took the opportunity to show me how to dispose of trash, wash dishes, and sanitize the dining room table. Another way of

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