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TO: All staff FROM: (Your Name) Health Records Specialist DATE: (complete and current date) SUBJECT: Timely Charting Memo It is important that all healthcare providers working in this medical Centre understand the importance of keeping precise, accurate and complete patient records. All employees involved in any documentation are the guardians of the integrity of health records. Thus they become the advocates of the patient, and any transcription error they make can be very costly for the patient and the hospital. This is because accurate documentation ensures patient safety, provides a proof of program integrity and protects the health care provider. Link between timely, accurate and complete charting with reimbursement The value of precise and thorough medical documentation cannot be overemphasized. Accurate charting and conclusive medical records will make our practice effortlessly and quickly access patient’s records and make it easier to make pay claims and get reimbursement. It allows the entire healthcare team to have comprehensive records of patients’ care and progress in their condition as well as providing a means of performance improvement and risk management strategy (Christopher, 2007). Accurate, timely and complete health records are not only the backbone and proof of quality care we provide to our patients, but they also determine the category of medical services that we offer to our patients covered by the insurance firms and those that are not covered. Errors arising from inaccurate or incomplete medical records affect reimbursement. Medical records should be updated promptly before billing to ensure timely and complete reimbursement.

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