Time Management between work and school

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Student’s Name Student ID Professor’s Name Date of Submission Time Management between Work and School Having attended nursing school, I understand the level of commitment that is required in graduate education. I currently work as a correctional nurse where I serve in the urgent care clinic, infirmary, medical intake and general health assessment clinic. I intend to work part-time and therefore concentrate more on my studies. I have a supportive family that is happy with my decision to apply for this career. They are ready to offer any support that I need to allow me to pursue my passion. I have had a long desire to increase my knowledge and skills to help those that are suffering from various illnesses. I plan to make adjustments to my life, work, and family and, therefore, focus more on graduate education. I intend to spend limited time with my family, work and personal activities dedicate more time and efforts to my studies. Time management is a skill that I will use and, therefore, ensure that I waste less time in anything that I do so that it can be utilized in pursuing my graduate education (Santrock et al. 314). Having an understanding family is my strength since they can support me when I am about to achieve an essential milestone in my graduate education. My employer is aware of my intention to join this program and has allowed me to work part-time, and this will be critical in ensuring that I engage in all activities that will contribute positively to my graduate education. I am ready and committed to avail myself of all the hours that are needed to pursue this course since I feel that at this time school comes

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