Tim O’Brien

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Name Instructor Course Date Works of Tim O’Brien Tim O’Brien is an author who became an adult during the historical period of the Vietnam War. Tim O’Brien’s books and memoir mention Vietnam War. “Though, In Lake of the Woods,” “Things They Carried,” and “Going After Cacciato" books, and his memoir “Box Me Up and Ship Me Home” and “If I Die in a Combat Zone” they discuss in detail the war experiences. He is a famous American novelist who said in an interview, “the good writer must write beyond his moment.” O’Brien makes use of Vietnam War to be able to explore truth, storytelling, memory, and courage as used in his different books. Tim O’Brien is a child to Ave E. Schultz O’Brien and William Timothy O’Brien who was an insurance agent. He was born on October 1, 1946. He has a sister called Kathleen and a brother known as Greg. After O’Brien had joined an elementary school, the family moved to Worthington, Minnesota in a small town called Prairie. He describes the town as “if a person would look for the meaning of the word boring, you will find a little pen and ink of my hometown,” “it was a town full of typical Kiwanis boys and holier than thou preacher: Mid-America.” The town has acted as a background to some of the stories that O’Brien wrote. O’Brien uses memory as one of the major styles in his work. The author uses past remembrance of Paul Berlin in the book “Going After Caccinto,” to structure the whole book. For example, he begins the story by remembering some deaths, “it was a bad time . . . And Frenchie Tucker had been shot through the nose. Bernie Lynn and Lieutenant Sidney Martin had died in

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