TIAS Scholarships for Future Leaders

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Future Leaders Name Institution The position of leadership is one of the most difficult positions in the world at the same time being a leader is as well the most rewarding position across the globe. What sometimes becomes more challenging is the art of becoming a great leader who is well- respected, inspiring at the same time effective. Therefore, being a leader, one must have a clear idea of where he wants to go with the best vision in place and how best to share with others to inspire them (Roberts, & Westville, 2008). We can describe leaders as the people with a third eye who see beyond what others cannot see. They broadly look at the organization picture as a big and can see the next direction of the organization as it moves forward. It then means that a leader needs to be futuristic, a person who can see through the future of the organization and the world at large. Therefore, to be honest, I must admit that being a leader is not a walk in the park but takes about everything necessary to give the best future for an organization. If leaders can achieve all these, then what is so special in them that they shine among the rest? Leadership talents make leaders outstand among the rest of the team members. Leaders are talented in a way that they have the self-confidence with them that allows them to have enough courage that sees them through taking risk decisions (Roberts, & Westville, 2008). And For this talent, it starts showing up the moment a person is a young child. Another leadership talent is the boldness that enables them to go beyond to explore and push the limits of the initial areas into the new areas. In the world of business, boldness is one of

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