Thuatha de Danann Legend

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Introduction Thuatha de Danann is one of Ireland's ancient great tribes believed to come from regions like Murias, Gorias, Falias and Finias. They refer to people who trace their origin from the goddess of fertility-Danu-who possesses powers that are supernatural. Irish mythology stories that are passed on to generations through poetry and records from Christian monks try to expound on these legends. However, there are many sides of the story making it impossible to categorize either as fiction or a fact. This tribe is believed to have invaded Ireland at a period around four thousand years ago and ruled it (Hull 77). The divine and human characteristics of Danann tribe Danann people were skilled in magic, poetry, science, and art. They arrived in Ireland with flying ships that were surrounded by dark clouds. This tribe landed on Iron Mountain after circling Ireland for nine times, and during that period, they covered the sun with the darkness that lasted for three days; this instilled a lot of fear. Moreover, they gave an indication that they were in Ireland to stay. Their arrival with Lia Fail that was able to call out the choosing of rightful kings, Lugh’s spear that brought victory to whoever held it, Dagda Cauldron and Nuada’s sword that produced light like lightening confirmed their divinity (Moritz 82). Additionally, their coming was bizarre and divine which confirmed that they were gods. The legendary tribe looked different to natives who were dark and small. On the other hand, Dannan people were tall, pale skin, with blonde/red hair and green/blue eyes. Danann arrival was met by resistance resulting to war. They fought against the ruling tribe known as Fir

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