three most critical components of the civil rights movement in the United States since 1877

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Name: Institution: Course: Date: Three Most Critical Components of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States since 1877 There are three significant elements in the civil right movement since 1877 that include the Supreme Court, religion, and legislation. The Supreme Court is a component in the civil right movement because this institution enforced major right Acts. Secondly, another element is religion. This is because popular activists like Malcolm x and King Jr. had links connecting to the churches (Romano and Leigh 61). Lastly, legislation that was a crucial aspect that made policies that either favored or discriminated African American. Therefore, these components contributed to the successful long civil right movement journey since 1877. Consequently, the first component was based on the Supreme Court ideologies. In 1875, the Congress had adopted the Civil Right Act that offered African Americans to have freedom to enjoy public services like theaters, transportation, juries and restaurants (The Leadership Conference, 1). However, the law was overthrown in the Supreme Court arguing that the law was only protected African American from the government and discriminations experienced by public citizens were not accounted for in that policy. Furthermore, the election of President Rutherford B. Haves made the Supreme Court to order the withdrawal of the federal troops from the South (The Leadership Conference, 1). The remaining troops also did nothing to protect black individuals. This movement of troops established the segregation and disenfranchisement of black people. This influenced the growth of the civil right movement like the NAACP and Urban League

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