Three Critical Components of the Civil Rights Movement

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Three Critical Components of the Civil Rights Movement One of the most significant elements of the civil rights movement is the freedom ride of 1961. For a long time, the blacks had been segregated in transport facilities. They had their section separated from the whites. The freedom ride followed the Supreme Court’s ruling of 1960 between Boynton and Virginia that had ruled out the segregation in the interstate rail stations and buses as unconstitutional. At the end of the violence that ensued, the blacks had received support from all over the US where the interstate commerce commission made rules that prohibited segregation in all transport facilities. The second is the black activism during the Republican period. This was a period when the whites rose against the blacks after they helped fight the Russians colonialists. The blacks fought for their rights such as voting, job opportunities and inclusion in the Senate. This culminated in the strengthening of the Republican, more women allowed to vote and the election of more blacks in the Senate Although it resulted in killings of many blacks such as the 1912 massacre and the KK group related murders, the blacks set their message straight and the government started recognizing them. One organization that brought a significance change in the women’s movement was Emily’s List. The movement was initiated in 1985 to fund the campaigns for the ‘pro-choice Democratic Women’ and strategically bring a balance of power in the government. The primary aim was to encourage women to try political positions. As an operative, a registered member and voter, the organization helped recruit candidates, win election as well as

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