Three Authors on Cheating and Gender

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Three Authors on Cheating and Gender Introduction Each of the authors documented in this paper describes their personal take on cheating and gender. The world of is full of men and women who lie, love, and cheat on other. Every human is fallible because they are human. Each of the stories is about choices, and the ability to make the right choice. Diaz’s story is written like a diary in the first person. Atwood’s is written in the third person, more like an observation. The third is a critique of Diaz’s. Many of the stories are just about choices, and the consequences. In Junot Diaz’s short story Cheater’s Guide to Love, he cheats on his fiancé. In Margaret Atwood’s Happy Ending, She provides several different endings and suggests the reader pick one. These stories happen every day in the real world. These next paragraphs will disseminate each story, along with a comparison by Summer DuPree’s writings On Sex, Lies, and Diaspora. She writes about Diaz’s story. Each of these author’s perceptions is gender specific. All have some experience with love and hate. It seems these authors are disillusioned about love. The third author analyzes Diaz with the perspective of what he writes in the story. Dupree writes “that living one's life in two countries is an excuse for cheating.” It is a personal choice he made and lost the woman of his dreams. This story comes across as him feeling sorry for what he did to change his life forever. Regret is an emotion everyone is familiar with. “Cheating is okay if no one finds out. Not so fast, there is hell to pay if one is caught cheating” (Dupree, 1). In Diaz’s case, he is the man who had many lovers. His

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