Third Variable Activity

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Name Institution Variables Activity Variables Activity 1. A government study reveals that the more a mother smokes, the more her children are likely to exhibit behavioral problems. Type of correlation: Positive One explanation: When the mother smokes more, the health of the child gets negatively affected. Another explanation: Children having behavioral are expected to have a mother who has drinking issues. A third explanation: Pregnancy leads to stress resulting in smoking. This stress gets transferred to the child as well. 2. The more psychology courses students take during their college years, the higher scores they get on a measure of interpersonal sensitivity. Type of correlation: Positive One explanation: Taking psychology course improves the student’s interpersonal sensitivity. Another explanation: When a student is interpersonally sensitive, he is more likely to take a psychology course. A third explanation: Taking the course makes the student mindful of his surroundings. 3. A study on the effects of alcohol found that higher and higher doses of alcohol produced increasingly lower scores on a test of memory recall. Type of correlation: Negative One explanation: Higher consumption of alcohol leads to retention issues. Another explanation: Someone having chronic memory issues might be exposed to drinking. A third explanation: Already existent memory issues might result in stress and frustration that can lead to drinking habits. 4. A college professor notices that the farther students sit toward the back of the room, the worse their grades in the course seem to be. Type of correlation: Negative One explanation: Sitting at the end of

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