Thinking as a Scientist

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Thinking as a Scientist Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation The term science is used to refer to a knowledge body gained via making discoveries about all the things found in the universe. Therefore, the primary goals of science are to identify measurable results achieved through conducting tests and making analyses of the same. In the event of carrying out any research, the scientists utilize specific scientific methods to collect empirical evidence related to the set hypothesis. On the other hand, it is important to note that the scientists reason differently from the non -scientists and this has led to conflicts between the two fields. During early days, the human attempt to give an explanation of the natural world depended on the notions drawn from the religious, mythological as well as religious beliefs. This essay endeavors to make a distinction between how scientists and nonscientists reason. According to non-scientists, philosophy, art as well as theology are considered the primary sources of human knowledge (Cziko, 2000). These aspects are used to explain the existence or the interaction of phenomena through the utilization of guided visions. The non- scientists establish their arguments on ambiguity, for instance, the concepts of astrology cannot be proved. On the contrary, the vagueness of the predictions cannot be falsified due to the high degree of ambiguity. Theological opinions, for instance, God’s presence goes beyond the scientific evaluation scope as the subject is beyond the natural phenomenon, thus cannot be proved by use of any empirical means. The non-scientific theories are based on the unseen aspect of phenomena. Since most of

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