Things Fall Apart

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“Things fall apart” is authored by a Nigerian-born acclaimed novelist, Chinua Achebe. The novel was among the first books written in English by an African to gain worldwide recognition. The story powerfully addresses the culture of the Igbo people of Nigeria, and from the interaction with missionaries, many lessons can be absorbed that impact our daily lives. Firstly, the power of initiative and personal effort. From the description of the Igbo culture, Achebe details the equal opportunity for every man to climb the ladder of success. Therefore the ascension is subject to the effort of each individual. This relates to the modern world where every person’s effort determines their lifestyle and achievement of their goals. It also motivates us to believe that there is always reward for hard work in whatever task or duty you are engaged. Secondly, the virtue of unity among the people of a particular society, state of even the nation as a whole is instrumental in its development and advancement. From the novel illustrated, every person in a group has a role to play despite their personal mistakes or setbacks, the society should devise means to accommodate them within themselves. The impact of disunity is demonstrated by the degradation of the culture and the easy invasion by the missionaries to a supposedly strong cultural community. This was because they cast out those they did not want in the community, and these outcasts became their principal enemy in the invasion by the missionaries. Thus every society should sustain all its members whatsoever the case. Lastly, the world today should learn to accept change at all times, because changes are what makes the society

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