Thesis statement of “The history of love”

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Name Professor Title Date Fulfillment of Leopold’s Quest for Recognition The book “The history of love” comprises of three interesting stories. Leopold Gursky dominates the first story. Leopold Gursky hails from Poland, and he is the first person to write the book “The history of love.” He dedicates the book to Alma Mereminski, the lady he loves. Leopold Gursky’s friend from Poland called Litvinoff dominates the second story. Litvinoff travels to South America in possession of the book that Leopold Gursky wrote. While in South America, Litvinoff meets Rosa. Litvinoff thinks that Leopold Gursky is dead. Therefore, he confidently claims the ownership of the book as he hands it over to his wife (Krauss 23). Rose and her husband Litvinoff translate the book from Yiddish to Spanish. They later publish the book bearing Litvinoff’s name. David Singer and his family take the third story. David Singer is impressed by the book “The history of love” that he found in a store. He takes the book to Charlotte who is his wife. Their first child is named Alma, the name of the lady in the book (Krauss 41). The essay will discuss the fulfillment of Leopold Gursky’s Quest for recognition. Leopold Gursky thinks that he will die having not left anything that can prompt people to remember him. However, he later learns that he has a legacy that people will always remember. Leopold Gursky is a man from Poland. After the World War II, he migrates to New York. He follows his love, the lady by name Alma Mereminski. Leopold learns that Alma Mereminski is married to another man. He decides not to love any other lady in his life. Leopold Gursky has written the book “The

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