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Therefore x=2π3 is a maximum value -2sin4π3 =-2sin-32=√3And x=4π3 minimum C. f(x)=x13(x+4)The first derivative =x13ddx(x+4)+x+4ddxx13=x13+(x+4)(13x23)=x13+(x3x23+43x23)f'(x)=43x23+4x133Using the product rule to get the second derivative =43ddxx-23+x13+x-23+x13ddx43=43(-23x-53+13x-23)f''x=-89x53+49x23d. The intervals on which the function increases or decreases and local minimum when the first derivative is equals to zero f' , 43x23+4x133=04x133x-1 +1=0 it follow that x =0 or-1Function decreases for x<-1 and -1<x<0Increases for x>0Local minimum x=0e. concave down or up for the function and sketch a graph f''x=-89x53+49x23 when f''x=0 therefore-492x-53-x-23=0 x=2by...

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Therefore: abs minima =1 at x=1 Abs maxima=10 at x=-2 (d) Calculate the limits of the following limx→0x+5x2 Solution Divide both numerator and denominator by x2 =lim x->0 1/x+5/x2 Since we have 0 in the denominator, the limit=0 (e) evaluate A'(x) at x = 1, 2, and 3. A(x) = -3x 2t dtSolution =d/dx(t2) At x=1; (12)-(-32) =-5 At x=2; (22)-(-32) =-2 At x=3;(32)-(-32) =12 (f) . Let A(x) represent the area bounded by the graph and the horizontal axis and vertical lines at t=0 and t=x for the graph in Fig. 25. Evaluate A(x) for x = 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Solution At X=1; A=1*1= 1unit2 X=2; A=1+1.5=2.5 units2 X=3; A=2.5+(1*2)= 4.5 units2 X=4; A=4.5+1.5=6 units2 X=5; A=6+1=7...

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