There has been several individuals who have facilitated the Britain abolition. I would like to take a moment and introduce you to some while also sharing some key movements that also played in it.

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Your name Professor’s name Course name Date of submission Abolition of Slave Trade in Britain Introduction For numerous years, Britain was in the forefront apropos of its perpetration of trading Africans as slaves. They accrued heightened profits based on labor from these helpless African folk. The early 19th century, 1807, was fortunate to witness an abolition of slave trade in the nation. It was interesting to come across abolitionists of African descent that assisted these Briton abolitionists to eliminate slave trade in the region. In addition to individual abolitionists, there were also movements that facilitated the process of eradicating slave trade in Britain. Scope of Abolitionists As mentioned, Africans were also part of the individuals that struggled to abolish the slave trade. These instances depict the diverse nature of abolitionists in Britain. Additionally, they also engaged in various professional practices; only uniting as a result of common goals in the wake of slavery. Most people would expect all of them to be affiliated with political knowledge due to its relationship with slavery. Some of these abolitionists were lawyers, preachers, business individuals, former slaves, and politicians, among others. Despite their salient differences, these individuals understood the evils nature of slavery hence strived to eliminate it from Britain (Drescher 142). Its prevalence was so intense that these abolitionists were not fazed regardless of the firm opposition and violence directed toward them. As a matter of fact, negative reactions made them stronger, encouraging these individuals to grow into groups by working together against the slave

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