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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date “It is Only Knowledge Produced With Difficulty That We Truly Value.” Knowledge is the acquisition of values and skills associated with understanding the relationship between the available data and the validity given accorded to it using the existing theories (Allen 365-365). I do not agree with the statement that we only acknowledge information learned through the hard way. Axioms are established facts that are accepted as they are based on reliable evident (Office 30-31). Mathematics is one of the fields that relies much on evidence to distinguish between the truths and false. Its position makes it fall under the knowledge that is acquired in a difficult way. However, arts such as religion and languages is a field that uses assumptions and beliefs to display knowledge. Both the two field (pure science and arts) qualifies to be are of knowledge and nothing is near close to the argument that “it is only knowledge produced with difficulty that we truly value.” The theories used in the field of arts such as those in philosophy counts much in the lives of human beings thus being valued by many just as the knowledge acquired in pure sciences and from practical experiments in laboratories and the deriving of formulae in mathematics. Understanding the validity of this argument can help the readers to weigh their preferences as far as knowledge acquisition is concerned thus helping in reducing the superiority that might be directed towards some fields when compared to others. The paper aims at distinguishing the argument of the topic from the realistic circumstance in the real world scenario where knowledge produced

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