Theory of Mind

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Theory of the Mind Student’s name University Abstract Theory of the mind denotes the characteristic of the mind responsible for certain aspects of a person's body. The theory describes a person's ability to understand and infer the emotions of an individual and react accordingly. The inferences allow the person choose accurate answers. Researchers prefer to either use the false belief experiment or intention-inferences procedures to determine capabilities of a person based on the theory of the mind. The story of Sally and Anne proves the existence of ToM since Anne choose an answer based on Sally's expected perception. Mind-blindness distorts the ability of a person to view and understand the emotions of others in the society. Autistic, Schizophrenia, and alcohol disorders affect the ability of a person to develop their ToM capabilities leading to a lack of ToM decoding, speech and deciphering other peoples' emotions. Neuroscientific usage of ToM has helped children develop critical characteristics as a child grows from different stages of their children. Psychological concepts and areas of mental description are essential in understanding the current state of affairs in the society. Theory of the mind (ToM) deciphers one's mental abilities while also understanding others mental abilities. Beliefs, needs, wants and knowledge are all functions of the mental state. Theory of the mind has been studied for decades and researchers have used both human and non-human capabilities to explain the diverse mental states. Previous research shows that the concept behind ToM is primarily inferred through behavior and modeling likely action taken by the subjects. The results

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