Theorizing sex work

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Student’s Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Major differences theorizing sex There have been hard debates in the international arenas, which theorize sex work. The dominant among the feminist positions on the ongoing debates are the feminist radicals and the sex radicals. The feminist radicals oppose sex trade terming dehumanizing to human gender. They posit that sex trade, whether through voluntary or forceful methods is a violation of human rights. The radical feminist proposes that sex is a tool that makes any woman subordinate to a man. However, the sex radicals oppose censorship of sex, suggesting that women also need to satisfy their erotic interest. The sex radicals further suggest improvement of sex workers condition as a method of promoting respect for women in the sex trade. The two groups oppose each other from various perspectives. Theoretical backdrop difference Radical feminists point that sexuality propagates gender imbalance. Radical feminist insist that sexuality is men ideology to force women into satisfying the desires of men. This approach suggests that women are tools for satisfying demands of men while ignoring the needs of a woman. Radical feminist cite the position of women on marriage. They point that by laws unfairly forces women to submit to men. Radical feminists suggest that a good wife voluntarily submits to the husband while a wicked woman is compelled to submission (Sutherland, 3). This approach suggests that women have no voice when it comes to sexuality; sex according to the radicals is a means by which women are forced to take a lesser position than men (Sutherland, 3). Sex radicals on the other hand term the radical

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