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Theories Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Theories Cognitive Theory The model that is primarily linked to Jean Piaget defines cognitive development based on four distinct stages. After observing how children make sense of the world around them, Piaget suggested four phases of how the mind processes any new information that it encounters (Laske, 2012). During the first phase commonly termed as sensorimotor, infants develop a sense of self-awareness, and that of the surrounding world by interacting with the environment. In the next stage, they require simple classifications of important features as they are unable to conceptualize abstractly. During the subsequent concrete phase, children begin to think hypothetically. Lastly, they achieve cognition during the formal operations stage. Preschool children especially those aged three years spend most of their time inquiring about specific features. At this stage, children are full of questions and prefer simple classification of essential elements due to their inability to conceptualize theoretically. During the formal operations stage, which begins at around age twelve and lasts into adulthood, children develop the capacity to contemplate abstract ideas. At this phase, children expand the ability to think not only about their thoughts but also the view of others. In cognitive psychology, nature and nurture interact to produce intellectual development. Nature deals with motivation, the development of body and brain, the capability to learn, and act. Nurture is often associated with adaptation and organization. During the various stages of cognitive development, children react to environmental demands

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