Theories of Family Violence

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THEORIES OF FAMILY VIOLENCE Name Institution Abstract There is no particular definition that can be standardized as one which befits an explanation of what family violence is. Rather, different legislations have made attempts at providing the scope covered by domestic violence and acts that can be classified under the same. As such, family or rather as often regarded, domestic violence may be described as acts done by dominating persons in a family against other members of the family, acts which involve threats and may cause the other persons to get hurt or feel apprehensive about them. Such acts are often meant to ensure that the said members of the family act a certain way and adopt particular behavioral characteristics. The following paper highlights the control theory as one of the many theories that have been devised by learned individuals in an attempt to explain the causes of family violence. The theory will be critically analyzed and defenses for the same outlined as well as examples to show that it explains the root cause of domestic violence. Theories of Family Violence: The control theory As earlier stated, family violence can be defined as acts done by an individual that may be considered as the dominating member of the family; in most cases, it is the parents or the father figure, against the weaker members, mostly the children or wives CITATION Aus16 l 1033 (Commision, 2016). Such actions may at times extend to being life threatening and are geared towards ensuring that the victims are doing as expected or dictated. Domestic violence has been in existence since time immemorial. The patriarchal system that existed in earlier centuries and still

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