Theoretical Approaches for Interpreting Art

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Theoretical Approaches for Interpreting Art Name: Tutor: Course/Class: Institutional Affiliation: City/State: Date: Social marketing has the greatest mandate of passing information to the intended target audience. It helps in changing and encouraging a given behavior into the mindset of the target audience. My marketing focus and intentions need to support the shift in the usage of latex condom among teens between the ages of 15-24 (Strategies, 2016). From The Nippon Rubber Industry Company Limited, T-Shirt paintings and logos are the most numerous forms of marketing for the latex condom, which frequently exist. The adverts are in most cases comprising of illustrations how actually the teens can use a condom for efficient use (Rand, 2004). Therefore, it is crucial to find different kinds and sorts of art needed to for easy recognition and way of application. Previous research has shown and indicated the logos and the paintings in the form of T-shirts and drawings. The marketing strategy or approach enhance the reduction of damaging information of having sex without using Latex condom (Strategies, 2016). Various research indicates that a small number of teens are sexually active and rarely have sex, unlike the adult counterparts (Strategies, 2016). However, 50% of the people who contract sexually transmitted diseases annually are between the ages 15-24. Therefore, these recognizable logos and art in a package will give the teens the correct information on how to use these latex condoms, since most people know about them but the problem arises in the process of using the apparatus. The use of communication poster to send out messages together with the utilization of the

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