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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Thematic analysis In Chris Heath’s story as well as The Living and the Dead by Brian Mockenhaupt, the authors have effectively used nonfiction elements to clearly outline the themes in the books. In the two books, we can clearly identify the themes of death, war, isolation, and disillusionment among others. Death in the first story occurs when Terry Thompson commits suicide as well as when the animals are shot and killed. In the second story, many deaths are witnessed in the fight against the Taliban. Disillusionment and isolation are manifested by Thompson in the first story. The second story is based around a war against the Taliban in Afghanistan. Reference to actual events and dates is well utilized in both stories to clearly outline the themes. In the first story, the author starts by telling us the exact date the events occurred; it was on October 18, 2011. He then goes on to outline what happened. It was on the same date that Terry Thompson set free his fifty-six exotic animals on learning of his wife's unfaithfulness before shooting himself dead. Forty-nine of the animals were killed(six black bears, two wolves, eighteen tigers, two grizzly bears, three mountain lions, one baboon, eight lionesses, one monkey, and nine male lions ("Animals: The Horrific Zanesville Zoo Massacre" 1). In the second story, the author also makes reference to actual events and dates that took place. The narrator tells us how thousands of Marines and soldiers had invaded the Taliban stronghold of Marsh in Afghanistan in 2010; this is a true event that did occur. In Chris Heath’s story, he uses an outlay that clearly captures

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