The World Is Flat

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Historically, the world has been known to be round. However, with the advancement in technology as well as the development of the globalization concept, some authors have come to perceive the world as “flat.” The world is flat in the sense that through technological advancement as well as globalization, the globe is viewed as a village where there are no geographical or technical limitations that were experienced in the past. In the present world, people from all corners of the globe can interact in real time through the use of the internet and can access unlimited information via their mobile phones. This transformation has also impacted the business sector where presently companies have adopted the new technologies of conducting business. In this paper, the writer shall discuss Friedman’s (2005) views on how the globe turned flat due to developments in technology as well as globalization, the ten flatteners’ agents that caused the flattening as well as how this flattening has impacted the business. Keywords: Globalization, Technology, flat, business The World Is Flat Friedman (2005) explains that lately there has been an enormous investment in technology. In his interview with Nilekani, the Infosys CEO, the interviewee expressed that countries have used funds to create broad bands as well as undersea cables. He further stated that computers have become cheaper as well as widespread and an explosion of software buildings such as search engines and emails. These technological developments have created a platform in which intellectual work and capital could be produced, delivered, distributed and assembled back together anywhere in the world. This has resulted in

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