The Women Suffrage Movement

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Name Tutor Course Date The Women Suffrage Movement The first argument was from Mrs. Elizabeth Cady Stanton who argued about the right of individual judgment and conscience; the rights of a woman. The areas she covered were what belongs to a woman individually, as a citizen and equality in civilization. The second argument from Mrs. Lucy Stone who discussed the fact the women in the United States had no vote. She explained that women should have an equal right to the government and the fact that the Laws held women helpless as they control every aspect of her life form the day she was born. The two women based their arguments on the fundamental principles of the Government which considered a woman a citizen; therefore it was only right if she had equal rights as everyone else in society. They also addressed the constant declaration of independence and different bills of right form different states, where they argued that the declaration of independence claimed that men and women should have equal right. The two women felt that it was contradicting that the government created the principles but failed to apply them. Mrs. Lucy Stone especially gave an example of her state Massachusetts where at the beginning only members of the church were allowed to vote, and then the Democrats fought for the poor people and said that they had a right to vote. Later, the Republicans fought for the rights of black people to vote, and therefore everyone in the State apart from Women was able to vote. The opposition would argue that a woman's physic makes it impossible to compete with a man (Miller 23). The fact that she has an education would not matter since the male folk would

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