The Wisdom gained in Focusing Success

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During my first semester I had a challenge of passing the English tests. Throughout the lessons I struggled with understanding English no matter how much effort I put towards improving in class. I attended all the lectures and could not miss any class because of fear of failing the English tests. I could not miss any English class, and I even went ahead to review the handbook. I would study the textbook early before the lessons and even looked at other related books regarding the subject. But still, there was no great improvement. Days before the midterm exam, I spent much time focusing on the exams. I could study until late hours, sleeping only for fours to the main exam, but I still attained an average performance. After a critical review of my performance and learning process, I realized that I was not working smart in my studies. I never understood the reason I could not perform better after putting all these efforts towards understanding and performing better in English. Passing English tests was difficult for me, and I even thought of dropping the English class because I was not improving on this subject. I had to find another strategy to deal with my situation. So I came across a particular approach from the On Course referred to as the 32-Day Commitment (Downing 147). I recognized that I needed to acquire a vision of my success and translate it to a well-designed assessment that will enhance my performance in English. My instructor needed us to pinpoint a goal that we had a problem with. So mine was passing English tests, and I had to figure out the effort I would put in the 32-day commitment. My instructor needed to know if I had any activity that I would do

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