The Weight Watchers Weight Loss Program

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The Weight Watchers Weight Loss Program. Established in the year 1961, Weight Watchers diet program has grown to be one the most popular and effective diet programs that are used to combat the high rates of obesity in the society. Created by Jean Nidetech, Weight Watchers also has the biggest weight-loss support group with more than 50,000 meetings being held each week by its over one and a half million members. The program has also spread over more than 30 countries. The program is based on the principle that being obese or overweight is a product of one’s behavioral eating habits. Therefore, the program does not dictate specific diets to be followed by its users but rather focuses on changing the behavioral eating habits of people. To achieve this, the program has a food point system that assigns various meals different points as per their nutrition content. Weight Watchers program is designed to make its users make wise eating choices while trying to score high points in the program. The program is not rigid, and thus it also has a point allowance for its users. Working out also plays a key role in the program. Various physical activities are assigned different points (fit points) that are also added to the meal point. The fit points can also be used to compensate for deficits in the food points. The program has recently made key changes in its emphasis on physical activity by encouraging fun activities and chores as part of physical activity. This measure communicates to the users that physical activity doesn’t always have to be painful, but on the other hand, it could be fun or even productive. A good example of this is dancing for fun or doing one’s house

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