The use of Standardized Testing is not improving Education in America.

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Student’s name Professor’s name Class Date Standardized Testing in America A Standardized test is an examination that is set-up and administered in a “predetermined and standard manner” (Popham 8). Thus, it is a test that determines how a student can reproduce a particular material that has been taught by the teacher over the course of study. As a person who has been under this system since childhood, I do not agree with this form of evaluation of students’ knowledge as it does not show the full competence of the student. Moreover, it does not help the teacher, nor the student to understand how well one’s learning results have developed over the course of the year. Furthermore, this form of testing inhibits the creativity of students as well as the teachers. “Students have been coached on how to do well on multiple choice questions, but they are often unable to write thoughtful essays” (Ravitch 7). This creates a stiff teaching environment where the focus is solely based on how the student is going to pass the next test (Columbia University 2). Understanding entirely a particular subject becomes a problem. Students are not bothered with fully grasping the concept of the subject, instead focused on how to get a high score on the test. For example, a science subject that talks about the application of first-aid, a student who only prepared on how to pass the test of first-aid without understanding how to apply first-aid would not be able to use this in the future when needed. Another reason why standardized testing is detrimental to education is the pressure being put on schools to attain a particular level of scores for fear of losing their

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