The use of social media in human resources

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The Use of Social Media and Technology in Human Resources Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Abstract In the modern generation, social media platforms and technological advancements have played a momentous role in the sector of human resource in many companies. The platforms include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and many more other sites that have been developed in different nations of the world. Generation Z and the millennial generation form the largest workforce in the world due to the global connections that they have gained as compared to Baby Boomers and the Boomers. The two groups are composed of young people who were born at the age of technological advancement and the rise of social sites around the world. Hence, this implies that many workers use social media for personal purposes while others use the platforms to market their respective company products. Thus, HR executives have embarked on the application of social sites to recruit, vet new employees, and facilitate training of workers, monitor employee performance and many other uses that benefit the growth of companies. Therefore, this paper shall explore the usage of social media and technology in recruiting, vetting new employees, training and many other areas of the department of human resource in companies. The current cohort of workers that is composed of generation Y and Z has made social media sites to be an excellent source of acquiring information on potential hires or current employees by the HR department. In the past ten years, corporations have applied different social media channels to post job opportunities, network with patrons and staff, and make crucial product

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