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The study is based on the evaluation of the United States Constitution and its influence in the society. It shows how the policies implemented by the government are used to administer the livelihood of Americans. The amendments explained in the study are the determinants of justice that the government promises to provide to its citizens. After their proposal by the Congress and ratification by the states centuries ago, a “two-step process” for amending “the country’s frame of government.” As detailed by “Article Five of the United States Constitution,” the second and sixth amendments became part of the Bill of Rights and have influenced the criminal justice system immensely. They comprise of rights that people are entitled to and depend on for survival. A number of cases in the USA have been determined and centered on the two amendments enabling the Supreme Court to interpret their meaning and the scope in which they cover. Introduction An amendment is a formal change made to a contract, law or constitution. The changes established are presumed to add, remove or update treaties. In the United States amendment of policies takes place in the government occasionally. Policies are implemented more often, and at some point they require changes. From the government’s perspective, the alterations enhance efficient administration. The United States government has established some amendments to its constitution over the years. Some of them include the sixth and 2nd amendment. The 6thamendment The amendment was proposed in 1789 by Congress and became active after its implementation. It is inclusive in the bill of rights in the United States that enforce rights

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